Ink Supply Systems

Our ink supply systems are designed to reliably deliver our ink formulations and cleaners to ensure optimal performance.

Reduce costs.

Our advanced ink circulation technology and our bulk ink options keep your line running longer between ink changes, letting you do more for less.

Reduce downtime.

Dramatically decrease the time between ink changeovers with our quality ink supply systems, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Fast, reliable fulfillment.

With global distribution centers and standard 2-day delivery on stocked inks, we can get you the right ink at the right time, every time.

Low Pressure Module

Low Pressure Module

Designed for the 8000 standard print head series
  •  7.80”L x 7.64”W x 9.84”H (198 x 194 x 250 mm)
  • Two liter capacity; ink and cleaner
  • Drives up to 64 valves
  • Optional low level ink warning (High Pressure Module only)
High Pressure Modeule

High Pressure Modeule

Designed for the 8000+ series printheads and the standard series printheads, this ink systems includes advanced auto-ranging and auto-frequency for ease of use.

  • Standard model: 1.30”L x 9.84”W x 16.54”H (287 x 250 x 420 mm)
  • Advanced model: 8“L x 12”W x 8.6”H (203.2 x 304.8 x 218.44 mm)
  • Two liter capacity, ink and cleaner
  • Drives up to 64 valves
  • Low level ink warning indicator, with optional low level ink warning beacon
  • Output for low level warning


Safer operation, no pressurized containers

  • Low level ink warning signal
  • Ink replacement while printers are in operation
  • Available for 275 gallon totes


Our pigmented ink supply system designed to provide high contrast, permanent marks required in the plastics, rubber, steel, wood and building products industries. With its unique re-circulating “through-the-head” system assures reliability with minimal printhead maintenance  A special diverter system permits continuous production eliminating the need to stop during ink changeovers

  • Cabinet: 6”L x 13”W x 23”H (152 x 330 x 521 mm)
  • 35.5” (851 mm) high with a warning light
  • Drives up to four printheads
Fluid Pump System (FPS)

Fluid Pump System (FPS)

No factory air is needed, eliminating the problem of oil and water system contamination
  • 15.39”L x 10.82”W x 14.17”H (391 x 275 x 360 mm)
  • Low level ink alarm provides warning
  • Refillable without halting production

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