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White paper

4 Ways to Reduce Secondary Packaging Costs by Replacing Pre-Printed Corrugated Boxes with Direct Carton Marking


Offered as a more cost-effective alternative to stocking pre-printed corrugated boxes, direct carton marking employs high-resolution inkjet printers to imprint text, graphics and barcodes directly onto each box as needed. This white paper explains how direct carton marking technology works and outlines the four ways a shipper can reduce costs by replacing pre-printed boxes with direct carton marking.

The Benefits of Universal Marking System Management to Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Throughout Their Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging Lines


Managing a range of disparate factors—differing printing technologies and systems, breadth of packaging formats and materials, and copious amounts of variable information—can create a tremendous and time-consuming challenge for CPG companies seeking to get their products on to retailers’ shelves as fast as possible. This white paper explains how a universal print management system can communicate directly and cohesively to all the different types and brands of printing technologies deployed worldwide.

Replacing Secondary Packaging Labels with Direct Carton Marking: 10 Benefits


Offered as an alternative printing methodology, direct carton marking employs high-resolution inkjet printers to imprint text, graphics and barcodes directly onto a corrugated carton or tray. This white paper outlines the 10 benefits an operation can gain from replacing secondary packaging labels with direct carton marking.

Selecting a Gypsum Board Marking System: Three Critical Factors for Manufacturers


The ideal gypsum board marking system must be able to print high-quality variable information and crisp fixed graphics, successfully interface with production equipment, and support frequent and multiple changeovers with automatic data management. Further, the system should easily accommodate extremely fast production speeds and be easy to maintain. This white paper is intended to help gypsum board manufacturers identify and understand the key features to consider when evaluating marking systems for gypsum board printing.

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